March Highlights

March Highlights:Crypto and blockchain boom brings both promise and peril for digital finance’s future.

January Highlights

CrossJanuary Events: Global Crypto Regulation Tightens, Web3 Policy Exploration Begins, Institutional Investors Enter, Market Volatility Increases.

Why is open-sourcing standardized cross-chain technology so important?

Cross-chain technology is crucial in blockchain industry. IEEE released a standard for blockchain cross-chain to provide a theoretical and technical basis for the field. P3205 standard offers a unified communication protocol and reduces interoperability costs.

Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

The concept of centralization creates a model of governance that demands a hierarchical consensus of various people in the decision-making process. Alternatively, decentralization distributes control and decision-making to a more autonomous structure.


The dramatic events of 2022 will shape the crypto landscape for years to come. One major event in the year was the collapse of FTX, a bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange company headquartered in the Bahamas. What will the state of the landscape of digital assets look like in 2023?

Gemiverse: The blockchain-based professional certification and tourism platform with its own ecosystem in the metaverse

The recent development of internet technologies has rapidly transformed the traditional tourism industry into “smart” tourism. Smart tourism includes real-time operational tourist data analysis.