February Highlights

✨✨ These events highlight the ongoing development and regulatory efforts in the global cryptocurrency and blockchain market, bringing both more potential and challenges to the future of the digital financial world. ✨✨

📌📌 Japan Opens Local Venture Capital Investment in Web3.0 Domain

📝📝 Japan announced a partnership with Web3 investments to promote innovation in emerging technologies and blockchain domains. This collaboration reflects Japan’s emphasis on blockchain and Web3 technologies, bringing new momentum and opportunities to the country’s technological development.

📌📌 Clarity of Licensing in Hong Kong Exchange Attracts Traditional Brokerages

📝📝 The clarity of licensing in the Hong Kong Exchange has attracted traditional brokerages. This signifies Hong Kong’s attractiveness and influence as an international financial center in the development of the cryptocurrency market, drawing more traditional financial institutions into the market.

📌📌 Japan and South Korea Strengthen Control over Cryptocurrency Transactions

📝📝 Japan and South Korea have decoded regulations regarding cryptocurrency transactions. This reflects the ongoing attention and efforts of major Asian countries in regulating the cryptocurrency market to ensure its legality and security.

📌📌 ChatGPT Capable of Writing Smart Contracts

📝📝 ChatGPT artificial intelligence has begun to write and conduct security audits of smart contracts. This demonstrates the potential application of artificial intelligence technology in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields, as well as the focus on smart contract security.

📌📌 Swiss Post Office to Offer Cryptocurrency Custody Services

📝📝 PostFinance will launch cryptocurrency custody services, expanding its range of financial services. This indicates the increasing trend of traditional financial institutions adopting and expanding services for cryptocurrencies, providing users with more diversified financial service options.

📌📌 Hong Kong Regulatory Authority Issues Guidance on Tokenization and Custody

📝📝 The Hong Kong Monetary Authority issued guidance on asset tokenization and custody for financial institutions. This reflects Hong Kong’s positive attitude towards the application of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, providing industry guidelines and guidance.

📌📌 Australian Bitcoin Confidence Boosted by U.S. ETF Approvals

📝📝 The confidence in Bitcoin in Australia has increased significantly following the approval of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in the United States. South African government is exploring the application of stablecoins and blockchain technology to promote the development of digital payments. This reflects South Africa’s interest in emerging payment technologies and the recognition of potential applications, which will help improve financial inclusion and digitization.

📌📌 Korean Province Tracks Cryptocurrency Tax Evaders

📝📝 South Korea will strengthen regulation, track, and crack down on cryptocurrency tax evaders. This indicates the South Korean government’s strong emphasis on ensuring the legality and transparency of cryptocurrency transactions, and will take corresponding measures to maintain tax order.

📌📌 England Proposes Classifying Cryptocurrencies as Property

📝📝 The UK Law Commission seeks draft views on legislation to classify cryptocurrencies as property. This initiative aims to provide a clearer legal framework for the legal status of cryptocurrencies and related property rights.

📌📌 European Central Bank Officials Make Statements on Bitcoin and ETFs

📝📝 The European cryptocurrency regulatory agency’s headquarters are located in Frankfurt, a significant move by the EU to regulate the digital asset market. Frankfurt, as a European financial center, will play an important role in regulating and standardizing cryptocurrencies.

📌📌 Thai SEC Proposes Revoking License of Troubled Exchange Zipmex

📝📝 The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission proposes revoking the license of the Zipmex exchange, which faces a series of management and security issues. This move aims to protect investors’ interests and maintain the stability and transparency of the financial market.

📌📌 FSB Highlights Monitoring Priorities for Crypto Tokenization and AI Ahead of G20 Meeting

📝📝 The Financial Stability Board (FSB) states that crypto tokenization and artificial intelligence are key issues to focus on before the upcoming G20 meeting. This indicates the growing concern and importance of global regulatory agencies for the cryptocurrency market.

📌📌 Deadline Looms for Hong Kong Crypto Exchanges to Apply for Licensing

📝📝 Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchanges must apply for licenses as the deadline approaches. This is a new regulation issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority aimed at strengthening supervision and regulating market behavior.