23 Blockchain Predictions for 2023

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Even though 2022 was turbulent for the blockchain ecosystem, it continues to go through a maturity process. Andrew Keys of DARMA Capital makes 23 interesting blockchain predictions for 2023 in his CoinDesk article. Ethereum seems to take the limelight in his predictions. Some developments will launch on Ethereum in 2023 and may position it as the leader in the next bull run. Some of the blockchain predictions for 2023 are listed below.

  1. Proto-danksharding will be accepted and implemented in 2023, setting the stage for maximum Ethereum scalability.
  2. Staking innovations will continue to establish Ethereum as the global settlement layer for Web3.
  3. The focus on Ethereum’s enterprise utility will unlock great enterprise innovation.
  4. There will be increased regulatory progress in the crypto industry.
  5. Tokens will represent everything from a bar of gold to a doctor’s prescription as regulatory innovation proceeds at unprecedented rates.
  6. Bitcoin may continue losing market share due to environmental concerns and failure as “digital gold.”
  7. In Web3 gaming, attention will shift away from token-first projects towards projects with a gameplay-first approach.


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