Realizing the Value of Sustainable Economy

Innovation Retail Group launched the “Good One Sustainable Business Model” in November 2023. The model is based on the concept of “Circular Economy 2.0” and combines the power of philanthropy and the general public to create a new platform for sustainable circular economy.

The model issues digital sustainable points called “Good One” to connect charitable participation with consumption behavior. People who participate in charity or volunteer activities can earn “Good One” points, which can be used to redeem or purchase charitable and sustainable products at a premium. This cycle facilitates the flow of charitable resources and helps non-profit organizations to expand their social impact.

Since its launch, the model has attracted the attention of many businesses and non-profit organizations. Innovation Retail Group is also conducting international exchanges and cooperation with foreign businesses and non-profit organizations. The company also invites domestic non-profit organizations, businesses, and brands that are interested in sustainable circularity to join forces to promote sustainability.