DAO governance attacks, and how to avoid them

Konvoy Ventures launched a $150 million fund this month for budding bookmakers.
Animoca Brands and Republic Capital have also recently invested in the gaming
community. Blockworks interviewed Will Robinson, a core contributor to Alliance DAO,
and decided it was time to deploy capital.

Also put forward the following three major points of view on GameFi :

  1. Focus on creating the value of the ecosystem and creating communities that identify with it.
  2. The GameFi project wants to grow and evolve, but there are challenges. For example, World of Warcraft is constantly reinventing , but on-chain game games are still popular with players after the design-based mechanics are difficult to update.
  3. “Venture ”investment is still a must for capitalists,and after self-evaluating of investment advantages, there is also an opportunity to lead the trend of innovation, and the integrated research and development of various game content and tools is also a project that can be included in the score.

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