Anti-fraud information

In recent years, financial fraud cases have been on the rise, and the methods used by fraudsters have become increasingly sophisticated. This has become a major challenge to financial security around the world. Taiwan, as a mature economy with developed financial markets, is also facing a serious threat of financial fraud.

  • 台灣警政署反詐騙資訊網
    • This website is committed to providing the public with the most up-to-date and comprehensive anti-fraud information, with the aim of assisting the public in preventing fraud and protecting their own financial security.
  • 行政院消費者保護處
    • This website is dedicated to providing consumer rights protection information, with the goal of empowering the public to understand their rights and enhance their ability to safeguard themselves against fraud.
  • 財政部台灣金融監督管理委員會金融智慧網
    • This website is dedicated to disseminating information pertaining to financial consumers, with the objective of fostering the public’s financial literacy and bolstering their cognizance of financial fraud prevention.
  • 中華民國內政部警政署犯罪預防資訊網
    • Crime prevention constitutes a critical component of criminal policy, endeavoring to mitigate crime incidence and secure societal safety via the implementation of a diverse range of measures.
  • 台灣金融消費知識教育基金會
    • Financial literacy education serves as a pivotal means of cultivating the public’s financial awareness, enabling them to render prudent financial choices and preserve their personal financial security.

These official and authoritative websites furnish a plethora of information that serves to heighten public vigilance against fraud and fortify their capacity to forestall it.

By accessing these websites, individuals can procure the most recent intelligence and stratagems pertaining to the prevention of fraud.