GameFi Projects Want To Become as Timeless as Chess: Alliance DAO Contributor Says

The problem of governance attacks in DAO is not only theoretical, but has occurred many times in the real world.
Therefore, a16z makes recommendations to prevent governance attacks.

  1. Reducing the Value of Attacks
    The user can limit the value of attacks by limiting the scope of what governance can do. If governance only includes the power to change certain parameters in a project,then the scope of potential attacks is much narrower than when governance allows fully general control of the governing smart contract.
  2. Increase the cost of gaining voting rights
    To reduce liquidity indirectly, projects can provide incentives that make individual token holders less willing to sell. This can be done by incentivizing staking, or by giving tokens standalone value beyond pure governance. The more value accrues to token holders, the more aligned they become with the success of the project.
  3. Increasing the cost of executing attacks
    User authentication for participating in votes. One could even limit the ability of an unauthenticated actor to acquire voting tokens in the first place, Perhaps requiring some set of existing validators to attest to the legitimacy of new parties.